African Tiger| Are There Tigers In Africa? Myths

Tigers are the world’s most famous, influential big cats. Have you heard about African tiger? They’ve created their way into our myths, civilizations, and histories. Unfortunately, tiger inhabitants have declined worldwide in the past centuries. Due to habitat destruction and overhunting, less than 5,000 tigers are present in the wild.

We’ll discover that tigers live in Africa. After that, we’ll examine the huge cats alive in Africa and know if they face death, like the Javan, Bali tigers, and Caspian.

Where do tigers live?

Tigers live in four locations today; the Indian subcontinent, Sumatra, the Russian Far East, and the Indochinese Peninsula. Traditionally, tigers inhabited the woodlands of Asia, Central Europe, and Southeast Asia. But, Years of growing human shifting and people have shown the quick downfall of tigers in their former habitats. Today, tigers inhabit under 5% of the historic domain. But, in their time, tigers did not live in Africa.

Are there tigers in Africa?

A long period ago, antecedents of current tigers wandered Africa. These proto-tigers resided and were tracked in Africa long before humans came. The forerunner of current tigers, leopards, lions, cheetahs, and peak lions activated in Africa 10 to 15 million years back. 

Then, approximately 2 million years back, a rare fellow of this cat breed journeyed to Asia. In the following 2 million years, they became the tigers we see today. Geographic limitations and glacial changes during the Pleistocene years likely discouraged the tigers from returning to Africa.

So, wild tigers are not present in Africa.

3 big Cats in Africa: African Tiger

As you know, tigers did not live in Africa. But other cat species like crocodiles, elephants, gaboon vipers and giraffes, and many other species live in Africa. 

Three big cats, including leopards, lions, and cheetahs, are inhabitants of Africa. 

Let’s know about the 3 big species of Africa. 


Lions are the largest African species that can enlarge up to ten feet, weighing about 550 pounds. Bengal tigers and Siberians are larger than lions. 

Lions are general animals; traditionally, they inhabited Africa, also in the areas of the middle east and median Europe. 

Today, lions reside in just secured nature preservers. The main reason for their extinction is habitat loss, overhunting, and fragmentations. 


Cheetahs are known as the fastest animal in the world and can run about 60 miles/hour. Today, one-third of the cheetahs live in South Africa and mostly hunt the springbok, gazelles, and impalas. Today’s cheetahs’ population is shorter than 10% of its population a year ago. Habitat loss and illegal hunting is the primary cause of threat to the cheetah population. 


Leopards are one of the most horrible animals in the world. As you know, tigers do not live in Africa, but leopards are famous because of their fierce appearance and scary behavior. 

These influential cats capture prey larger than themselves and eat them in relaxation. Leopards inhabit savannas, deserts, rainforests, and urban areas. 

Mature leopards have some threats from humans. Habitat loss, loss of prey, and human activities are the major threats to leopards. 

Are all big cats endangered?

Lions are threatened to become extinct in their homeland. Only not lions. The other seven identified species of huge cats are now known as threatened, including cheetahs, lions, leopards, tigers, and cougars. 

In the world, big cats are thought of as keystone species. When environmental changes occur, big cats are influenced first. Human-wildlife conflict is the major threat to big cats compared to other dangerous animals.


In conclusion, “African tiger” guide the rapidly developing economies of some African nations, such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. These nations have revealed impressive improvement in the duration of financial development, growth of infrastructure, and attracting foreign assets. Regardless, they meet challenges like deprivation, imbalance, and political fluctuation.

Overall, the emergence of the African tigers is favorable for the mainland and the globe.

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