Cutest Turtles In The World

Turtles are the cutest creatures and are kept as pets by some people. Easy to care for and cheap pricing made them exceptional. These are very interesting and beautiful creatures that capture the children’s attention.

There are almost 350 species of turtles in the world that are land and water inhabitants. Among these species, some are the cutest turtles. 

Turtles are reptiles with unique qualities. Their body is covered with a hard shell and the outer surface is made up of keratin. Turtles like to eat insects, plants, and mollusks and watery turtles depend on the meaty food.

There is a list of the cutest turtles in the world. 

Mississippi Map Turtle:

Mississippi turtles get this name from the Mississippi River. These turtles live in the water and also on land. 

This beautiful turtle’s shell is covered with yellow lines. They are not large and can attain a size of up to 10 inches. Their lifespan is very long, almost 20 years. 

These turtles prefer those territories to live in which have land and water and like to eat worms, insects, and vegetables. Their species are threatened because of the loss of habitat and pollution.

The Painted Turtle:

The painted cute turtles spread all over the world especially from Canada to Mexico. They are freshwater creatures and like to live in water areas. 

These turtles attain a maximum size of 10 inches with beautiful colored shells with no lines. Its skin color is black and the strips are orange and red colored. Painty turtles like to eat plant material, algae, and fish. They are warm-blooded and like to hunt during the warmest portion of the day. 

Painted turtles sleep in the mud in winter until the warm spring season arrives. These turtles require a filter as well as a wall. They do not enjoy being touched.

Florida Box Turtle

Florida box turtles prefer wetlands to live in such as swamps and marshes. These turtles are not deep-water lovers and like to spend a lot of time on land. They enjoy the sunbath when the temperature is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They spend much time living underground. 

These cute turtles have domed shells with beautiful yellow stripes. Florida turtles can reach up to 7 inches in size and females are a bit smaller than males. 

They rely on herbs, insects, vegetables, and fruits. These animals are considered an important part of the environment as they become a source of spreading seeds. 

The Florida turtles mate when they reach the age of 13 years. When they lay eggs, each clutch has nine eggs.  

Red Eared Slider| Cutest Turtles In The World

The red-eared turtles are very famous due to a good reason for having a green shell which becomes darker as they grow. 

Their belly is yellow colored and their head, legs, and tail are light green. The lifespan of the red-eared turtles is about 30 years and their size is about 12 inches. 

They live in Mexico and also live in warm areas. Red-eared sliders prefer still water to live in such as swamps, ponds, and lakes. 

Aquatic plants are included in their food and they like to live in vegetarian areas.   

Yellow Bellied Slider

Yellow-bellied turtles are such a cute species among all turtles with yellow stripes, green marks on legs and neck, and green skin. As they grow, their color becomes darker. Their average lifespan is about 40 years and the size is about nine inches. They are present in the United States.

Yellow-bellied sliders can live on both water and land. When their living areas dry, they go to search for a new wet habitat. These turtles are energetic at the beginning of the day and enjoy the sunbath and rest at night underneath the lily pads. 

Eastern Mud Turtle:

These are cute turtles that grow up to only four inches. Their outer shells have yellow and black shades.  

Mud turtles are present in South America, the United States, and Mexico. They live in those lakes and rivers where enough vegetation is present. They like to live in moving water instead of still water. 

Conclusion: Cutest Turtles In The World

You have learned about many cute turtles. Turtles are included in the oldest species and had been found two hundred million years earlier. The turtles are not quiet, but they make noise when they communicate. All turtles have a shell but all do not have a rigid bony shell.