Waterdog Salamander

Waterdog salamanders are known as amphibians that are nearly related to newts and live near shore areas. These salamanders have webbed toes and breathe through their skin. Water salamanders live in Central America, North America, and South America. 

Their name is given based on their nature of living in water. They can grow up to 12 inches in size. These salamanders’ bodies have dark brown spots and yellow and orange lines. Salamanders can breathe through the skin which helps them to stay long in water. 


Salamanders live or search for moist floors and live in water. They generally live in ponds, brooks, under rocks, and creeks. Some species spend their whole life in the water, some change their habitat periodically, and a little number of species are entirely terrestrial like adults. 

Diet: Waterdog Salamander

Waterdog salamanders are predators and mostly eat those things that are easily fitted in their mouths. They eat small fishes, insects, and other amphibians. 

Waterdog salamanders are also eaten by insects, fishes, and birds.

Difference between a salamander and a water dog:

There are different species of water dogs and salamanders, so it’s not easy to tell the difference between them. There are some common differences between them. 

  • Salamander’s skin is dry but water dogs’ skin is moist. 
  • Salamanders are land dwellers but water dogs are water-dwelling animals. 
  • Water dogs have webbed feet to swim but salamanders don’t have such adaptations. 
  • Salamanders have many different colors but water dogs are brown and black.

Do all water dogs turn into salamanders?

No, Water dogs cannot turn into salamanders. Salamanders are a group of amphibians. Some types of amphibians live in water before moving towards the land like frogs, and some lives on land. There is no confirmation that any type of metamorphosis takes place among these animals.  

Waterdog salamanders Vs. Axolotl:

Water dogs and axolotls belong to different categories. The water dog is a little fish that lives in freshwater while the axolotl are large creatures and are aquatic salamanders that lived in Mexico. 

Both these creatures have special features that separate them from each other. The size of these two creatures is the main difference between them. The average size of the water dog is 3 to 4 inches and the axolotl can grow up to 2 feet. 

The other difference between them is their diet. The water dogs eat insects, birds, and other invertebrates but axolotls eat only those things that are easily captured by their mouths. 

Similarities between Water Dog salamanders and Axolotls:

The things that are similar for both creatures are having gills. This shows that they require water to breathe adequately. 

They both can generate lost parts of their bodies if they lose once. Water dogs can regrow their fins and axolotls can regrow their tails. 

Waterdog salamanders pet:

Waterdog salamanders are the best pets for those who wish to keep a dog. These little creatures reach up to four inches, which means they don’t require a huge place to live easily.  

These salamanders feel comfortable in the water and like to play in the freshwater. So if you have a pool and a small bowl, your pet will enjoy it. 

Conclusion: Waterdog Salamander

Waterdog salamanders are aquatic creatures and live in streams, ponds, and lakes. These dogs have a thick layer on their skin that saves them from the cold. They can swim long distances and can discover the birds in the water to prey on. 

If you want to keep them as pets, waterdog salamanders would be the best option for you.