Do Rabbits Lay Eggs?

Rabbits are fascinating creatures that have been curious for years. But there is a common myth about them that rabbits lay eggs. Many people believe that rabbits lay eggs. This myth comes from the association of rabbits with the spring season and the easter holiday, which is decorated with eggs. 

In this article, you will find the exact answer to your question.

Do rabbits lay eggs?

If you have a question, do rabbits lay eggs? The answer is clear: rabbits do not lay eggs, they give birth to young ones. Like other mammals rabbits also have a uterus inside their body where they develop the embryos. When they are fully developed, they are born in the form of a peanut-sized baby. 

How do rabbits have babies?

Rabbits have a placenta in their bodies; it means that the embryo is developed inside the mother’s body. Rabbits are born with fully-formed body organs. Female rabbits have a very little gestation period which is just about 31 days.

The birth process is known as kindling which takes 10-15 minutes. The female rabbit can deliver twelve to more babies at a time. 

After birth, their young ones need their mother’s care for a few weeks. Then newborn rabbits are called kits and they lack fur, eyesight, and hearing at birth time. 

After 10 days, the baby rabbits become mature because their mother’s milk is full of healthy nutrients which nourish them properly. 

Usually, rabbits reproduce by a system called induced ovulation. It means that their ovaries release an egg during mating so they can become pregnant quickly after birth. They usually breed four times a year. 

What does a rabbit’s reproductive cycle look like?

Rabbits have a very short gestation period which is about only 31 days. The female becomes an adult at the age of 5-6 months. Rabbits do not have an ovulation cycle. On the contrary, to deliver an egg, a female rabbit releases hormones to mate with the male. The egg is usually released at the time of mating.

This cycle is repeated after every six weeks in seasonally reproductive rabbits. After mating the doe takes care of her newborn and produces milk to feed them. A doe can create just two litters every year. 

Can you touch a newborn rabbit?

Newborn rabbits are so delicate and it’s not easy to handle them properly because their bones are soft and can rapidly break. Sometimes, it’s a risk to pick up young rabbits. 

You can pick them up in the following situations. 

If a young rabbit bailed out from his nest. You can pick them up and put them back into their nest. The newborn is not able to manage their body heat outside the nest. So they can die if you quit them in this situation for a long period. 

You can also pick them to note their weight every day to tell their condition. 

You must pick up them gently when necessary but not for a long time. Here you can also read about What Eats A Skunk?

What mammals lay eggs?

As you know rabbits do not lay eggs but other mammals lay eggs. Three groups of mammals lay eggs. 

Placental mammals

A large number of mammals are placental mammals. The embryo is developed in the mother’s body. The placenta of the mother provides nourishment to the fetus until it grows and reaches the last stage of development. 


Some mammals have marsupials and a pouch outside their body. After giving birth to an underdeveloped baby, they keep their babies in their pouch to keep them warm and safe from environmental fluctuations. 

These mammals include kangaroos and wallabies. 


Monotremes are those mammals that lay eggs rather than give birth to a young one. They have fur, also are warm-blooded, and feed their young ones with their milk. 


We concluded that rabbits are not egg-laying animals. They give birth to their babies through a different reproduction process which makes them different from other egg-laying mammals. The female rabbits are also called Doe which can produce 12 babies at a time

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