Animals That Start With J

The animal kingdom comprises a beautiful diverse variety of animals, that ranges from birds to mammals and insects to reptiles. 

In this article, you will find something new because we have collected the list of animals that start with J. So keep reading this interesting article to get complete info about mammals, birds, reptiles and insects that start with J. 

Here is a list of 30 animals that start with J.

1. Jabiru:

Animals That Start With J images

Jabiru is a bird that can reach up to 1.15m with a weight of about 8kg. Their beak is black, broad, upturned, growing up to 30cm. Jabiru usually lives in groups near ponds and rivers. They mostly like to live in savannahs and open wetlands. They range from the western hemisphere to Mexico. Jabiru remain active during the daytime in breeding and non-breeding seasons.

2. Jacana:

Animals That Start With J, Jacanas are multicoloured water birds with long legs, claws, and toes. They are good divers and swimmers and can travel through open water from one place to another. Jacanas are aboriginal to Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. They spend much of their lives on floating islands, feeding on fish and insects and constructing their nests.

3. Jack Crevalle:

The Jack Crevalle belongs to the Carangidae family. Their body is covered with a unique round black spot on the bottom of their pectoral fin. Only Jack Crevalle has this characteristic. Another unique pattern is the long black mark on the operculum.

They reach the maximum size of 30.5 to 76.2cm, weighing about 32kg. They feed on smaller fish, crabs, shrimps, and other invertebrates. The crevalle jack is a source of feeding for various carnivores, including finfish and sea birds.

4. Jack Russells:

Jack Russell is a vibrant, independent, and wise little dog. They look beautiful and affectionate but are also difficult to train and handle. 

The Jack Russell Terrier’s body is covered with the double coat—primarily white with black and black-and-tan spots—that is severe and weatherproof and may be fierce and stringy, broken or soft.

Jack Russell is a very active animal that needs a lot of movement. They prefer to jump, run, and play. 

They reach up to 13-14 inches tall, and their lifespan is between 13 to 16 years.

5. Jack-Chi: Animals That Start With J

5. Jack-Chi: Animals That Start With J
Jack Chi was born with a hybrid dog breed mating between the Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier dog breeds. Warm, playful, and active, these pups have some of their parents’ good qualities.
Like most dogs, the Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua Cross like to eat dry food. Kibble fulfils their dietary necessities because it has meat-based protein, healthy fats, and carbs in the proper ratio.
Jack-chi is understood to be lively, loving, and active dogs. Their bond with their owners is powerful and protective. 
Their average lifespan is about 13 and 15 years, and they weigh 8 to 18 pounds.

6. Jagdterrier:

The Second name of the Jagdterrier is the Deutscher, a German hunting dog that is happy with its job. The jagdterrier is the courageous, active, and playful pup. Animals That Start With J

The puppy is active and hard working so his diet demands high quality food full of human grade components. Some Jagdterrier tend to gain weight fast, so it’s important to take care of your dog’s diet and make sure that the puppy has many opportunities to workout.

7. Jackabee:

The Jackabee has a hard-working and spunky nature. Jackabee is produced from a mixed breed of a Jack Russell and a Beagle. Instead, it can inherit traits in many different combinations and arrangements.

A mature Jackabee is a little dog with a muscular frame. Males grow slightly larger on average. However, both couples can develop to almost the same height.

The Jack-a-bee is an affectionate dog with traits inherited from the Beagle and Jack Russell Terrier. These dogs normally weigh about 15 to 30 pounds and are 12 to 16 inches tall.

8. Jackdaw: Animals That Start With J

The jackdaw, a black-capped crow, inhabits woodlands, gardens, towns and beaches. It is known as a famous robber who stole different birds’ eggs and split them into garden branches.

Their diet includes seeds, invertebrates, and fruits, but Jackdaws are carrion lovers; they gather on the road, slaughter, or even steal other birds’ eggs. Their diet differs depending on the area, so near farmsteads, insects are necessary. However, roots and fruit are more part of the diet in metropolitan and woodland areas.

9. Jackson’s Chameleons:

Jackson’s chameleons are known as three-horned chameleons because men have three brown horns.

The colour is usually brilliant green, with some unique animals having scraps of yellow and blue. Still, like all opportunists, they adjust colour fast depending on their mood, fitness, and temperature. Although Jackson’s chameleon holds a saw-tooth-shaped dorsal crest and no gular spine.

Jackson’s chameleons prefer to live alone and are less territorial as compared to the other species of chameleons, 

Jackson’s chameleons’ diet consists of bugs they grab with long, damp tongues. Captured chameleons are usually fed on crickets, fruit flies, and mealworms. They like a wide range of insects, including ones you can see in your backyard.

These birds choose to live in peak thickets and woodlands. They need shelter to hide in and decide to live in trees. They infrequently tackle the ground except to lay eggs or have sex.

10. Jaguar:

Jaguar images

Jaguars are the big cats in America and the third largest worldwide. Their appearance is similar to that of leopards in Asia and Africa. Jaguars have more complex spots on their skin. 

Animals That Start With J, Jaguars are good swimmers and feed on caimans, fish and turtles. They use their strong jaws to penetrate their prey’s skulls. Jaguars prefer to eat capybaras, deer, tapirs, peccaries, and many other animals.

Jaguars are good swimmers and like to swim in water. But other big cats avoid water. They like to eat caimans, fish, and turtles, using their strong jaws to tear the animal’ head. Jaguars also consume derr, tapirs, peccaries, capybaras, and other creatures, which they choose to trap at night.

11. Jaguarundi:

The jaguarundi cat is small but larger than a typical domestic cat. Which weighs about 8 to 16 pounds. Their skin is a solid colour, either charcoal grey or brown.

The jaguarundi chases both at night and in the day. It feeds on birds, reptiles and small mammals. It hunts its prey and then seizes on it. 

The jaguarundi is produced throughout the year. After a pregnancy lasting about 75 days, the female delivers one to four kitties. The kittens have marks that will finally disappear. It is a very verbal cat with as many as 13 individual vocalizations.

The habitat of the jaguarundi is the brushy lowland regions with mesquite, cactus, and other tipped plants. It also lives in swamps and forests.

12. Jamaican Boa:

The Jamaican boa is a type of non-venomous boa species. They are located only in Jamaica, well-known as Nanka, from the Asante idiom for snake: Onanka.

They look golden-green near the head and alongside the anterior area of the body. Its body has black crooked crossbars, becoming black to the back end of its body.

The Jamaican boas are inaccessible and hard to watch. They prefer to live in trees and remain active during the night hours. 

Jamaican boas are meat lovers. Birds, especially Black-billed and Yellow-billed parrots, are their important prey items.

13. Jamaican Iguanas: Animals That Start With J

Jamaican iguanas are reptiles with dark-colored scaly skin, triangular lines with their spines, and long tails. Their skin color can vary from grey to green and blue. 

Males can grow up to 17 inches long, and females generally have 6 to 20 eggs at one time.

Dry forests are their living place, similar to the habitats in a little area of Jamaica. The Jamaica iguana has long toes and strong claws, so they can pull themselves into plants, eating leaves, flowers, and fruits. While plants are the main part of their diets, the snakes will consume insects, snails, and other small creatures when available.

14. Japanese bantam chickens:

Japanese bantam chickens are known for their small size, large comb-sort legs, and elegant arched tails. These are the main features of this chicken species.

 It has a big, vertical tail that sits ahead of the body, making a V-shaped formation.

Japanese Bantam chickens are immediately recognizable for their small stature and special features. With a close, rounded body shape and ting legs, they show an adorable charm that is challenging to resist. Their short, vertical tail adds beauty to their graceful appearance.

15. Japanese beetles:

Japanese beetles images

Japanese beetles are glossy, metallic green, and less than ½ inch lengthy. Their wings are coppery-brown coverings that rest on their rears. There are short patches of white hairs at the borders of their backs. Males and female beetles look alike, but females grow a little larger.

The Japanese beetles are highly harmful plant pests that can be challenging and expensive to control. These beetles feed on grass seeds and damage yards, golf courses, and fields. Mature Japanese beetles invade the greenery flowers of more than 300 decorative and farming plants. To reduce the pressure from defoliation, ensure plants are moistened and mulched adequately.

16. Japanese Chin:

The Japanese Chin is a sympathetic and vibrant breed that makes an excellent indoor friend. This breed is famous for having soft fur, a broad head, a little muzzle, and large eyes. 

The Japanese Chin are the best lap dogs, 8 to 11 inches tall and weighing about 11 pounds.

From their tilted noses to the feathers of their bottom, Japanese Chin dogs hold themselves with majestic nobility. Their heads are slightly rounded with sharp muzzles and a broad, flat face, giving them a unique shape. But it’s their soft fur that gives away their fluffy nature. Short and tight, these dogs were bred to be a lapdog. Their lifespan is about 12 to 14 years.

17. Japanese macaques: Animals That Start With J

Japanese macaques’ skins vary from brown to grey and can be spotted. They grow fatty insulating fur in the winter to preserve their body warmth. During the summer, their fur is lighter.

Japanese macaques have human-like bare faces and fiery eyes. They have cheek pockets for food storage. In maturity, their faces and buttocks become red.

They are medium-sized, heavy monkeys with relatively short tails. Males are more significant than females. Males’ average size is approximately 22 inches and weighs about 25 pounds. Females average size is about 20.5 inches and weigh about 18.5 pounds. Their buttocks are tiny and are about 2.5 to 4 inches. Animals That Start With J

Japanese macaques live in different island habitats, including subtropical, deciduous, subalpine, and evergreen woodland mountains. Famously, they heat themselves by flowing in hot thermal leaps warmed by nearby volcanoes.

The average Japanese macaque’s lifespan is about 22 to 27 years.

18. Japanese rat snake:

The Japanese rat snake is also known as the blue general as it has some bright blue scales. The snake is non-venomous and inhabits shrubland, woodland, or mountains. The average size of a snake is about 6.5 feet. Japanese rat snakes eat small creatures, including birds, rodents, lizards, and frogs.

It is the most giant snake on the continent and is native to Japan. The body is covered with dull green or olive with dark brown vertical stripes. The head is angular and has black streaks behind the eyes. Some are as long as 200 cm. The body color of the larvae is almost gray with brown grids and resembles the Japanese copperhead.

19. Japanese Spitz:

The Japanese Spitz is an adorable medium-sized dog. Their gorgeous, stand-off fur is pure white, and the difference between the white coat and their dark eyes and nose shows a lovely expression of laughter and joy.

They have a fearless nature, an inherent desire to save their families, and a noisy bark for their height. Japanese Spitz is a relatively new species; Japanese Spitz are becoming popular daily due to their friendly temperament, power to get along with other puppies and children, and relatively low grooming requirements, among other characteristics.

The diet for the Japanese Spitz dog must be prepared for mini to mid-sized species with intermediate energy and exercise demands. 

Their dietary requirements will alter from puppyhood to maturity and old age. Do not compromise their nutritional requirements.

Japanese Squirrel images

20. Japanese Squirrel:

The Japanese squirrel is also referred to as an arboreal species that resides in trees. With an extended, bushy tail, large crusty ears, and sharp nails. Its fur alters color according to the condition. In summer, the coat becomes red-orange. During winter, the fur becomes hidden, turning gloomy or pale brown and white along the chin and belly. Their average body length is about 18-22 cm.

Seeds, young leaves, and nuts are the main part of their diet. Squirrels’ cutting teeth often grow to balance the wear from their diet.

21. Javan Leopard: Animals That Start With J

The Javan leopard is a leopard subspecies. Research shows that the Javan leopard is different from other Asian leopards.

The eyes of the Javan leopards are silver-grey, and the bodies are light brown and have black spots. The average size of the leopard is about 160cm, and its weight is about 50 to 70 kg. Usually, the male is more significant than the female. 

It is nocturnal, which means that it is roaming at night. Good climbing and swimming are their best qualities. When looking for a target at night, the Javan leopards commonly wait in the shrubs and bring their prey to the tree.

22. Javan Rhinos:

Javan rhinos are endangered on the earth and the most infrequent of the world’s five last rhino species, with just around 70 members in Ujung Kulon in Indonesia and Java.

This species is grey and holds a single antler of about 10 inches. Javan rhinoceros’ skin has many flexible folds, looking like armour plating. 

Javan rhinos occupy forests, wetlands, and thick brush and bamboo zones. The species utilised a broad geographical space, living in many lands and areas throughout  Southeast Asia and the South.

23. Jellyfish:

Jellyfish have sailed along on ocean drafts for many years, even before dinosaurs existed on the Earth. The jelly-like animals pulse along sea currents and are prominent in cold, friendly ocean, coastline and profound water. However, regardless of their title, jellyfish aren’t fish as they are invertebrates or creatures with no backbones.

They quickly digest their meals, including fish, crabs, shrimp, and small leaves. If they didn’t do such activity, they wouldn’t be capable of floating, drowned by the large, unprocessed meals in their bodies.

24. Jerboa: Animals That Start With J

There are multiple categories of Jerboa; some are becoming helpless to extinction, including the Euphrates Jerboa and Four-toed Jerboa.

The Jerboa lineage is an exciting class of rodents that acclimated to living in burning and freezing desserts.

They are a few creatures of Jerboa. Their head and body seem similar to a mouse’s and are about 3 to 15 cm in size, depending on the type of Jerboa. The tail is more significant than the body and head, varying from 6 to 23cm.

25. Metallic Beetles:

Metallic Beetles image

Metallic wood-boring beetles, the second name of jewel beetles, proceed in two paths from an arid summer: first, because the hot summer boosts their growth, and second, the water deficiency weakens the woodland trees.

The jewel beetles are energetic during the daytime and spend the night resting under leaves and different plant materials. They are herbivores and depend on a diet of stems, roots, nectar, leaves, and other plants, such as trees and grasses. 

It is interesting to know that Jewel beetle shells have been used in different cultures worldwide for ornamental purposes. The Makech beetle, native to Central America, is usually modeled as a living decoration.

26. John Dory:

The John Dory fish is an energetic predator that consumes various invertebrates and fish. It lives in a depth range from 15 feet to 1200 feet and often stays close to the seafloor over smooth and complex bases.

John Dories can reach lengths of about two feet and weigh about a few pounds. More extensive sharks and bony fishes are known to consume John Dories.

This species is generally solitary but comes jointly in groups to breed. It breeds a behavior understood as substrate distribution, where females spread their eggs randomly on the sea bottom, and males discharge their sperm in the accurate location for external fertilization. After hatching, the larvae float into the water queue to live a planktonic way of living.

27. Jonah Crabs:

Jonah crabs live in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, from Florida to Canada. Female crabs move to the coast during the late spring and summer and then return offshore in the winter and fall. 

Jonah crabs have been noted to be about 8.75 inches broad. But males are more extensive than females. They depend upon algae, arthropods, and snails for feeding. The average lifespan of Jonah crabs is approximately 1-5 years.

28. Jungle Fowl:

Jungle fowl, the antecedent of domestic chickens, is formerly known as Bankiva Fowl and Bankiva. They reside in their native Asia within colonial teams containing the greatest rooster, subordinate roosters, chicks, and hens. It is interesting to know that domestic chicken is known to be domesticated extensively worldwide.

29. Jungle Carpet Pythons: Animals That Start With J

Jungle carpet pythons are a subspecies of nontoxic carpet pythons that live in Australia. These pythons are arboreal, meaning they rarely arrive on the earth and only reside in a small rainforest. Their diet contains rodents, marsupials, birds, and other small animals. They are beautiful naturally, so they have become famous pets among reptile hosts. 

Their luminous yellow and black marks naturally appear and help them merge into their rainforest residence. Females are four times bigger than males.

30. Javanese:

Javanese image, animals start with j

The Javanese cat breed, also known as the Colorpoint Longhair, was produced in North America.

The intelligent and affectionate Javanese cat will like to be by your side. The Javanese breed loves communicating with you and uses various voices to show their necessities. This breed was developed in the late 1970s and before the 1980s by mating a Balinese cat with a Siamese. Animals That Start With J

The average weight of the Javanese animals is about 7 pounds, the same size as the Balinese, Siamese, and Oriental shorthairs.


I hope you enjoyed this article Animals That Start With J. From the most famous Jonah Crabs and Junglefowl to the lively Jungle Carpet Python, these creatures always contribute to the magnificence of our diverse nature.