Megalodon Vs Blue Whale| Win Prediction

A megalodon vs blue whale comparison is very enjoyable topic to read. The Megalodon was a giant shark that vanished over 3 million years back, but its reason is unknown yet.

The fossil forms show that the Megalodon was a peak predator. By examining the proof of this creature’s presence, including achievable offspring about today, scientists can guess the harmful potential of this creature.

Megalodon and Blue Whale:

There are many dissimilarities between blue whales and megalodons. The first is blue whales are extremely bigger than megalodons. The world’s largest blue whale is 200 tons, while intermediate blue whales weigh about 100 tons. Moreover, megalodons were dimorphous, which suggests the females were quite bigger than the males.

Second, blue whales are gentle filter-feeding omnivores, while megalodons are carnivores when they walk the ocean. Blue whales prey on huge amounts of small animals like krill, But megalodons are apex wolves.

Further, these massive animals have very diverse environments. During the period that Megalodon lived, they ate more mid-sized whales.

Every quarrel between these creatures comes down to many factors determining the outcome. When discussing the megalodon and blue whale fight, we will examine physical traits and how they fight and protect against other enemies.

Physical attributes for megalodon Vs Blue whale:

There are the ways in which megalodon and blue whale are different. 

Megalodon vs blue whale: Size

The blue whale is larger than the megalodon. The blue whale reaches up to 100 feet with 110 tons weight. In simple terms, this is the largest animal and no one is equal to this. 

Megalodon Vs blue whale: Motion and Speed

You can calculate the megalodon’s gait by examining how parallel sharks move today. Based on the most useful data, a megalodon would walk at approximately 11 mph in the water, which is very fast regarding its size. They move side-to-side with their backsides and bodies.

The blue whale voyages at 5 mph operating its tail up and down. When attempting to pounce and grab a meal or escape potential hazards, the blue whale can walk at a fainting 20 mph.

Megalodon Vs blue whale: Teeth and bite power

Do you know that the blue whale lacks teeth so they cannot contend with megalodon? The fact is that some creatures throughout the past could contend with a megalodon because of their biting power. They have a strong bite from a very aggressive species. 

Megalodon Vs blue whale: Sensibility 

The Megalodon is considered to have feelings akin to a big white shark. That represents they have an incredible sense of fragrance that can effortlessly choose the smell of target in the water. Their eyesight is excellent over short lengths and useful with little light. They hear very nicely and also have an electrical sensing technique in their bodies.

Blue whales are not able to contend with megalodons because their eyesight and sense is very poor. 

Megalodon Vs blue whale: Defence

Blue whales own vast bodies, the variety that most wolves do not like to try battering out of anxiety of what something that big could do to them. This is the whale’s most useful protection, its dense coating of fat covering vital parts and its rapid speed shots.

Megalodons are large and quick, but their defenses could be more robust.

Who would win in a fight between megalodon and blue whale?

A megalodon would beat a battle against a blue whale for multiple causes. For some factors, we must consider a recent issue where sharks were seen hunting down and destroying a humpback whale, an animal several times bigger than them. They shot, inflicted massive injuries, and avoided any possible paybacks.

That is a megalodon’s possible technique for a blue whale, but it would be a significant task. The shark would attack first before the blue whale dotted the animal. It would instantly see the megalodon’s existence as it bears a massive chunk from the whale’s side.

After that, the megalodon should remain far from the blue whale’s backside, take an infrequent sharpness, and look for the giant animal to tire. A blue whale can attack a megalodon and then run. 

The possible issue is that the shark brings the first few strikes and tracks the path of blood because blue whales become tired before the blood wastes. Here you can read the interesting article about lizardfish.


Megalodon and the Blue Whale are marine creatures. The Megalodon was a huge shark that lived millions of years ago, while the Blue Whale is the biggest animal on Earth today.

The Megalodon and the Blue Whale are diverse animals with exceptional strengths and weaknesses. A fight between these two giants would be an epic battle, and the result would be uncertain. However, one thing is certain: both animals are extremely impressive creatures that deserve our care and attention.