What Sound Does A Zebra Make?

Zebras are unique animals with black and white striking strips. But do you wonder about what sound a zebra makes? 

Zebras are mostly voices for communication with others to show their emotions.

Contrary to popular belief, zebras do not make a typical “zebra sound” as many other animals do. They are generally silent animals and communicate with each other using body language, facial expressions, and postures.

However, they can make a variety of vocalizations such as snorts, grunts, and brays, which are similar to those made by horses and donkeys. In certain situations, zebras may make alarm calls or whinnies to alert their herd members of potential danger. So, while there isn’t a definitive “zebra sound,” they do have a range of vocalizations that they use for different purposes.

In this article, we will discuss many types of sounds that zebras make and which factors influence their voice. 

What sound does a zebra make?

Zebras are able to make various sounds. They use these sounds to social bonding, communication and to set up dominance within a herd. 

Zebra can make different types of sounds like growling, whining, snorting and braying. During excitement and nervousness, it snorts a high-pitched voice. When zebras are trying to defend their areas, they mostly growl. Hairless horse is an other interesting topic to read about.

What does a zebra’s bray sound like?

Zebras do not bray like donkeys or mules, which are members of the same animal family (Equidae). Instead, zebras make a high-pitched, yipping, or barking sound, which is often described as sounding like “yip-yip-yip” or “bark-bark-bark”. This sound is used to communicate with other members of their herd, especially when they are excited or alarmed. Zebras may also make snorting or snuffling noises when they are grazing or exploring their environment.

Zebras’ bray sounds are often used to attract mates, show anger and impatience. 

What does a zebra snort sound like?

A zebra snort can be described as a short, sharp exhalation of air through the nostrils, often accompanied by a puffing or huffing sound. The sound is similar to a “snort” or “puff” and is often used by zebras as a way to communicate with each other, express excitement or alarm, or as a warning signal to potential predators.

The exact sound may vary depending on the specific species of zebra and the individual animal’s age, size, and health.

A zebra snort is a keen and shrill exhalation by the nostrils. The sound is the same as a loud snort and hiss and it may be heard from a distance. 

They often snort when they face any danger and to warn other zebras. 

What does a zebra neigh sound like?

The high-pitched and whinnying sound is known as neigh. This sound is like a horse sound which is used to be in touch with other zebras. 

During exhalation, the sound is produced which can be catched from a distance. Zebras make a neigh sound when trying to find the other members of their herd. The exact sound of a zebra is different and depends on the individual zebra and the factors of the vocalizations. 

What sound do baby zebras make?

Baby zebras, also known as foals, make high-pitched whining and neighing sounds to communicate with their mothers and other members of their herd. They may also make soft grunting or snorting sounds. As they grow older, their vocalizations become more complex and varied. You should read the interesting article on zebrula here.


Contrary to popular belief, zebras do make sounds, although they are not as loud or frequent as other animals such as lions or elephants. The most common sound zebras make is a barking or braying noise, similar to that of a donkey or a horse. 

This sound is used for communication between members of the herd, particularly to warn each other of potential danger. 

Additionally, zebras can make a snorting noise when they are agitated or excited, and they may also make soft whinnying or neighing sounds to communicate with their young. While the sound of a zebra may not be as recognizable as that of other animals, it is still an important part of their social and communication behaviors.

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