Woma Python| Fun Facts, Diet, Habitat and Life Span

The woma python is a non-venomous species that lives in Australia. Their length is 4.5 to 8.5 feet. Females are larger than males and lay almost 20 eggs. 

The woma pythons are becoming famous among the pet trades. They can easily capture their prey because their body muscles are powerful. Their life cycle is about 2 to 3 years. 

Let me explain all about woma pythons.

What is a woma python?

The Woma python belongs to the reptile species. Its other names are Ramsay’s python and the woman. The same species are also present, which look like women pythons and that is black-headed python.

“Aspiditis” is derived from the Greek word “shield-bearer,” the genus name of woma python. 

Woma python Appearance:

The woma python is brown-colored in appearance. Their inner body (belly) has yellow and cream color blotches. 

The Woma python is a type of nonvenomous ophidian native to Australia. The design has a ground color that differs from light brown and has red, orange, and pink shades. The portion near the eyes is typically grey compared to the head. 


This python is present in west Australia. They are also present from south Australia and northwestern to the south valley. They are also found in savannas, shrublands, woodland, and sandy soil. Here you should aslo read about the Sea Bunny


They are carnivores and woma pythons that eat reptiles, mammals, rodents, lizards, and terrestrial vertebrates.  

Breeding: Woma Python

The woma python often breeds from May to August. They lay almost 5-19 eggs in September. The females keep eggs for about two months by twisting all over the clutches. 

When the clutches become cold, the female python shakes to produce heat to warm the clutches. After hatching, the eggs turn into juveniles, and women become independent. 

Habits and lifestyle:

The woma pythons are earthly snakes that spend their lives in loneliness. They mostly remain hidden in their caves and under the debris during the day. Usually they wander at night and search for their food. They occasionally use their loop to capture the prey from the opposite side of their burrows. The adult woman is shrouded in scars from rodents. This system doesn’t cut down the prey into pieces quickly. 

These snakes travel in an interesting way across the hot sands. They pick up their body from the ground and move forward before propelling the surface again and touching their body to the ground only a few inches. 

How big do woma pythons get?

The woma python is a little python that grows up to 7 feet. But their standard size is about 5.5 feet. They typically have 10 pounds. The female pythons are larger than the males and grow longer. 

Are woma pythons venomous?

The woma pythons are not threatening to humans. But sometimes they are considered poisons because of their similar look to other varieties. 

These snakes are usually mild and not dangerous to humans. They rarely munch with their owners. If they feel fear, they hide. 

Are woma pythons good pets?

Yes! The woma python is considered a very good pet. The woma python is a beautiful type of snake. They are so pretty and can be social with humans if they become free with them. This is why the woma is the most popular pet and highly demanded in the exotic pet trade.


We concluded that the woma python was not dangerous to us. We can keep them easily as pets because they are very easy to care for. They do not have a need for great skills for their care; They can adapt to only a natural setup. 

They live in shrublands, grasses, and woodlands. In some areas, their population is decreasing due to habitat loss.

The greatest python observed was 7.67 m long and weighed almost 158.8 kg.