Porcupines For Pets| Can Porcupines be Pets?

Porcupines are not famous as pets due to their feathers but are loving creatures that will show frankness to humans when tamed and fed. 

Let’s learn all about Porcupines in detail in this article. 

Is it safe to own a porcupine?

The solution is an absolute YES! Porcupines are generally docile, particularly when carried immature, and will domesticate down efficiently. Once they are used to keeping humans around, they can prevent forming feathers and efficiently be petted. 

Porcupines utilize their feathers just for self-defense. 

Are porcupines dangerous?

Porcupines are inherently gentle creatures by nature. Nonetheless, when faced with an attack or danger, they instinctively erect their sharp quills as a means of self-protection.

Contrary to common misconceptions, porcupines cannot “shoot” their quills, meaning you can only get pricked by them if you mishandle them.

What kind of habitat do porcupines need?

The unique features of porcupines make them hard to raise as pets. Due to their incapability to be housetrained, permitting them free wander within your house is only possible if you have other pets or young children.

Rather, providing a big wire cage or a well-ventilated, large aquarium becomes essential. To secure their comfort and satisfy their instincts, it is suggested to line the bottom of their habitat with straw or pine shavings, delivering enough material to dig if they feel the urge.

Porcupines usually show a fondness for climbing, with some even simulating the behavior of possums by swinging from branches. Including several branches or selected climbing areas in their habitat is important for them to engage in physical exercise and mental stimulus.

When it comes to weather situations, porcupines are typically resilient. If your home doesn’t support extreme temperatures, it should adjust well.

As isolated creatures, porcupines do not need the companionship of other animals. They can become territorial and show aggression towards other animals, particularly as they reach sexual maturity. It is most suitable to allow them to live in privacy and avoid introducing them to other animals.

Is a porcupine the right pet for you?

Porcupines are strange, but that doesn’t mean they are bad. They can be amazingly attractive partners for the good type of individual.

However, if you wish your pets to be loving and cuddly, they’re likely not for you. You’re adequate off punching with a puppy or a kitten. If you’re ready to face the challenge and don’t care about having an unfriendly pet, then porcupines can be fantastic fun.

What do porcupines eat? 

Porcupines, being herbivores, need a constant diet of vegetables and fruits. They feed on vegetation in their natural habitat, including roots, stems, leaves, bark, and berries.

In certain, ground-dwelling porcupines like the African crested porcupines have been marked to enjoy searching for roots in the wild. Therefore, they may also want ingesting edible tuber roots and tuber-like vegetables such as sweet potatoes and yams.

What is owning a pet porcupine like?

Porcupines are typically easy going animals, but they’re not active. They like to laze almost all day, only reaching up to eat and possibly fast-checking their surroundings.

They’re inherently nocturnal, so don’t wish them to set on much of a performance during the daylight. They have inadequate eyesight but a great sense of odor, so they may not identify you until you reach within inhaling range.

Choosing a porcupine is achievable, but you should be cautious. Please choose them by their smooth underworld (no feathers there), and don’t keep them near your body.


Porcupines might be famous for being a little thorny, but that doesn’t suggest they aren’t great pets. The fact is, it relies on the owner. The porcupine strength is the ideal pet for some individuals; for others, they haven’t such value.