Do Skunks Eat Chicken?

Having chickens is one simple pleasure. You acquire a community of qualities that also give you farm-fresh eggs and, occasionally, meat. Nevertheless, one problem also arrives with growing chickens: predators. Multiple chicken owners discover that animals like skunks are drawn to the cage, but do skunks consume chickens? The reply is yes.

Skunks can be harmful visitors to your grounds, so you will find everything you must know in this article.

What are skunks?

The skunks belong to the weasel family, with a size same as the house cat when mature. 

Based on their living place, skunks may have faint black skins with white lines, wheels, or spotting. However, with no issue with the skunk’s appearance, it will have a protective mechanism for pouring a liquid within a field nearly 10 feet from its odour glands beneath its tails.

Do skunks eat chicken?

Skunks are animals who can eat both meat and plants and adore eating whatever they can discover. In many forms, their diet is very similar to a chicken’s diet. Unluckily, skunks will slaughter and ingest newly hatched chicks and immature chickens if offered an option. The good information is that skunks do not desire chicken — it’s usually excessively big.

For a skunk to hit and slaughter a chicken, it would keep being shorter than them and vulnerable. Effortless targets like chicks are frequently shielded by their moms, yet. This is why skunks would greatly rather enter the cage in the centre of the dark and grab eggs or chicks if the others are none the smarter.

Do skunks eat eggs? Do Skunks Eat Chicken?

As previously mentioned, skunks like easily accessible food that poses no challenge. Therefore, they often engage in hidden activities to steal unprotected eggs directly from under the noses of chickens. Skunks and varied other partners of the weasel family firmly favour the delicious taste of freshly laid eggs.

To see the presence of a skunk or other predators, one should notice a reduction in the number of eggs corresponding to the usual count, associated with signs of injury among the chickens. Often, the chickens wake up to discover their precious eggs being sacked and instinctively rush to protect their offspring.

Hence, ensuring that your chickens do not lay their eggs in the open yard is essential. Take proper protection by providing your hens with a safety cage and safe nesting boxes for their eggs.

What can you do to save your chickens from skunks?

Yes! You can protect your chickens from a skunk. Skunks and animals probably eat your chickens and usually arrive at dark. You should strive to have your birds in a cage for the night and let out in the morning.

The cage itself will need to be guaranteed. You can also expect a rigid box with a lock to do the job. If the cage has only a lock to save it, it will be shortly that one creature and another handle reach inside. But you should consider other animals like rats who can cut down the wood.

A chicken cage should carry an extra coating of defense — chicken wire. This can be counted to the complete surface of the cage, delivering a physical obstacle that skunks can’t efficiently get through. If you confirm that the cage has been completely protected from outside and below the base, your chickens will be secure.

Conclusion: Do Skunks Eat Chicken?

Owning chickens comes with threats, including skunks thieving eggs and destroying immature birds. If predators join the lawn, you must discover ways to prevent them. Strong smells, including ammonia, are among the finest ways to keep skunks from destroying and devouring your chickens. When you identify the symptoms of a skunk in your lawn, you can make a shield against them.