Top 22 Animals That Start With E| Images & Facts

It’s fun to explore animals that start with E Or a specific letter. This article will focus on the animals that start with E. You will learn fun facts and other animal details, beginning with E. 

The most famous among these animals is the emperor penguin, the most significant species on the earth. The edible frog, the common water frog, is the least popular.

Here is the list of animals beginning with E, let’s have a look.

Top 22 Animals That Start With E| Images & Facts

1. Elephant

Elephants are the giant animals in the animal kingdom and are famous for their solid social bond, memory, and intelligence. These unique creatures are the most significant land mammals with unique long trunks, tusks, and large ears. They live in different ecosystems, such as deserts, savannas, and woodlands across Africa and Asia. 

Elephants can communicate far away using infrasound; the sounds are low for humans to listen to. They play a vital role in their surroundings, shaping the geography and assisting other species to prosper.

2. Ermines

Ermines are meat-eater mammals and are renowned for their attractive white winter coat. They inhabit the moderate areas of Asia, North America, and Europe.

They are adaptable hunters, and their diet comprises various prey ranging from birds to rodents. Their fur alters color according to the weather, from white in winter to brown in summer, to keep hidden. It is interesting to know that The ermine’s white coat has been loved in regal robes and formal garments.

3. Eagles

Eagles are extensive birds of prey with strong talons, hooked noses, and extraordinary vision in the animal kingdom.

Around 70 types of eagles exist, and these strong avian predators are seen on every continent, excluding Antarctica.

The world’s most significant eagles are: by body size, the Philippine eagle; by weight, Steller’s sea eagle; and by wing length, the white-tailed eagle.

All eagles are members of the bird lineage Accipitridae, also familial to hawks, harriers, kites, and old-world vultures.

Eagles can be located in various habitats worldwide, from peaks and coastal areas to forests and open grasslands. They are experienced hunters, feeding small mammals, fish, and birds, showing their expertise in the sky.

4. Earwigs| Animals That Start With E

About 2,000 types of earwigs are found on every mainland, excluding Antarctica. Earwigs are marked by long, flat bodies and claws that grow from the belly. An earwig’s claws are utilised in hunting, defence and courtship. The male claws are more turned than the females.

Earwigs generally live in cavities and crannies, but contrary to famous opinion, they don’t usually reside in other animals’ ears.

They usually speed along the earth; most earwig types can fly. Earwigs use their hindwings independently, and their forewings have developed into defensive wing cases.

5. Eastern gorilla

Eastern gorilla images and facts

The eastern gorilla is a little more massive than its western companion, making it the most famous living primate. It has dimmer skin than the west gorilla. The mountain gorilla has thicker and longer hair and is in the tropical forests of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Just around 1,000 mountain gorillas are present in the wild.

The population of this subspecies is now between 3,000 to 4,000 individuals. Prohibited hunting for bushmeat is the main threat to the mountain gorilla, with constant habitat loss also partaking in its decline.

6. Echinoderms

Echinoderms are creatures that are included in the phylum Echinodermata. There are around 11,000 echinoderm species, all located in the sea. Well-known packs of echinoderms include sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and starfish. Echinoderms are unique in renewing missing limbs and different body parts.

7. Eagle ray| Animals That Start With E

The ordinary eagle ray is one of about 20 species of eagle, which belongs to the family Myliobatidae.

They have long tails and broad and flat bodies. They swim by “waving” their extended, wing-like thoracic (side) fins. The standard eagle ray, located on the African beach of the Indian Ocean and eastern Atlantic, is a seriously threatened species. This is primarily due to overfishing.

Chimeras, Skates, Rays, sharks, and sawfish compose a group of “cartilaginous fish.

8. Eastern coral snake

The eastern coral snake is poisonous and resides in the southeastern United States. The breed can be recognized by its unique markings: broad red and black rings divided by thin yellow rings. The average length of this snake is up to 1.2 m / 4 ft.

Many non-venomous kingsnakes, like the Mexican milk snake and scarlet kingsnake, have lines identical to the eastern coral snake.

The arrangement of ring colors can separate the snakes; the yellow and red rings of the poisonous coral snake are adjoining, whereas the black rings divide the yellow and red rings of the non-toxic kingsnakes.

The poison of the eastern coral snake has neurotoxins that impact nerve tissue. A bite of the eastern coral snake is potentially deadly without antivenom.

9. Eastern mole

The eastern mole belongs to the family Talpidae. They inhabit a more significant area than the other North American mole, occupying the east United States and expanding into Canada and Mexico. 

The eastern mole prefers wet, sandy, clay-rich, or earthy soils to moist ones. Human-made habitats such as golf courses give an excellent habitat for the species!

Infrequently seen above the earth, the eastern mole has multiple adaptations for a belowground, burrowing presence. Its eyelids are welded shut and can only distinguish between light and dark; its nose is susceptible; and the forelimbs are extensive and prepared with strong claws for digging.

Eland| Animals That Start With E

10. Eland| Animals That Start With E

The standard eland is an antelope in eastern and southern Africa. It is seen in green and savanna habitats, from South Africa and Ethiopia to South Sudan.

The markings of standard elands north of the breeds’ range are more prominent than the animals in the south. Elands are extensive antelopes with curl horns. The vast and typical eland is the world’s most giant and second-largest antelope.

11. Echidnas

Echidnas, usually called pointy anteaters, are outstanding among animals, beginning with e, for their pointy appearance and distinctive reproductive methods. 

These isolated creatures are among those mammals that lay eggs, conveying this rare feature with the platypus. Echidnas live in woodlands and dry environments in Australia and New Guinea. They feed mainly on termites and ants, utilizing their long, gummy tongues to grab prey.

Echidnas have electroreceptors on their noses, letting them feel electrical signals ejected by insects.

12. Egrets

Egrets are elegant birds, easily identified by their snowy white feathers and thin profiles. These birds are generally seen around water bodies where they chase for fish and little amphibians. Egrets are liked for their looks and have been a topic of art and mythology in multiple cultures. They nest in territories, usually with other heron breeds, and are famous for their stunning breeding plumage.

During the mating season, egrets create astonishing long plumes, which were previously highly desired after being utilized in women’s hats.

13. Elk

Elk are extensive mammals known for their unique antlers, rising to four feet beyond their head. They reside in woodlands, feeding on plants, leaves, and grasses. Elk are sociable animals roaming in groups, known for their noisy calls during the breeding season. They lived in eastern Asia and North America. Elk antlers are regrown and shed yearly, making them the fastest-growing animal tissues.

14. Eurasian lynx

The Eurasian Lynx is a mid-sized, undomesticated cat famous for its sharp tail, crested ears, and long legs, proving it a trained hunter in snowy climates. This animal inhabits woodlands across Asia and Europe, feeding on different animals, from deer to hares. The Eurasian Lynx is isolated and unreachable, making it rare for humans. The Eurasian Lynxes enormous paws act as snowshoes, enabling it to move fast through deep snow.

Eels images and facts about E animals

15. Eels

Eels are charming sea animals with lengthy, snake-like bodies that differentiate them from creatures starting with e. Animals That Start With E so these fish can live in salt and freshwater, with some species making extraordinary migratory voyages to breed. Eels have a secretive life cycle and are renowned for their capability to navigate across extended oceans to get back to their spawning environments.

Freshwater eels may spend years in freshwater lakes, rivers, and ponds before returning to the sea to breed.

16. Eleonora falcon

Eleonora’s falcon is a medium-sized raptor and is a fast and elegant flyer with long, pointed wings. Eleonora’s falcon captures giant insects for eating, including dragonflies, little birds and bats. It catches its prey in its claws and moves it to its nib in mid-flight.

During summer, Eleonora’s falcon is seen on the Mediterranean shorelines of Europe and North Africa. They shift to Madagascar in the cold.

Falcons are not members of the Accipitridae family, which is home to birds of prey like hawks, harriers, and eagles. Falcons deal with their prey with their snouts instead of their paws.

17. Elephant seals| Animals That Start With E

Elephant Seals are giant marine mammals recognized for their massive size and the males’ unique large noses, which look like an elephant’s trunk.

In both breeds, the female is smaller than the male. With a weight of about 4,000 kg / 8,818.5 lb., the male northern elephant seal is 40% smaller than the male southern elephant seal. 

The elephant seal is the most extensive among all carnivorans and the most significant aquatic mammal that is not a whale.

They spend maximum time in the sea but come to the beach to reproduce and molt. Elephant seals are fantastic divers who can plunge in-depth into the sea for meals. The southern elephant seal can retain its breath for about two hours, plunging more in-depth than other seals.

18. Eastern gorilla

The eastern gorilla is a little more massive than its western partner, making it the most famous. It has dimmer skin than the gorilla of the West.

The Mount gorilla’s hair is thicker and longer than the eastern sea-level gorilla. It lives in the mountain tropical forests of Rwanda, Uganda. Only about 1,000 mountain gorillas exist in the wild.

The population of the eastern sea-level subspecies is around 3,000 to 4,000 people. The eastern gorilla is a seriously endangered species. The unlawful hunting of bushmeat is the main threat to this breed, with continuous habitat loss also taking part in its decline.

19. Emperor penguin

The emperor penguin is the most giant breed by size and weight and the sixth-biggest of all existing birds by poundage. A mature emperor penguin is about 1m / 3.28 ft. in height and weighs about 45 kg / 99 lb.

It creates up for being unfit to fly by being the earth’s deepest-diving bird. It utilises its small but powerful wings to “glide” through the water.

The emperor penguin is seen in Antarctica and is the singular species produced on the mainland during the cold. Male emperor penguins hatch their eggs single-handedly for two cold months, clustered together in large packs for warmth.

European common frog

20. European common frog

The European common frog, also recognized as the typical frog, is located throughout Asia and Europe. It is a medium-sized frog with a body size of 6 to 9 cm.

They are generally olive-green to golden brown, but their color changes depending on their background and habitat.

They hatch from eggs called “frogspawn.” It passes the first stage of its life in the water.” It then experiences metamorphosis, losing its backside and evolving lungs and limbs, permitting it to exit the water and reside on land.

21. Eider| Animals That Start With E

The typical eider is an enormous sea duck in northern Europe, Siberia, and North America. It reproduces in the Arctic.

The breed is one of three eider types that form the genus Somateria. The spectacled eider and the king eider are the two other eider species.

All eiders have thick skin that gives a warm, insulating coating against the cold.

The Female eiders jerk their own down to line their perches. Eiderdown is gathered by humans and used to create clothing and bedding.

22. Electric eel

Although the electric eel is a type of fish famous for its ability to create powerful electrical charges. They are found in South America, occupying freshwater swamps and rivers. It reaches up to about 2 m / 6.56 ft. in height.

But all knife fish can create an electrical charge for steering dark, dirty water. Nevertheless, the electrical charge is powerful enough to be utilised for grabbing prey and as a self-defence mechanism. Even though an electric bump from an electric eel is severe, it is rarely deadly.


Although, in this article, we examined some incredible animals, starting with e, demonstrating how various and captivating the animal kingdom is. So, The creatures from the sea’s depths to the plains and forests, each animal that starts with e, have their distinctive story and function in nature.