Bengal Tiger | Species Guide, Amazing And Fun Facts

Bengal tiger is the second biggest cat in the world. Do you know about the special big cat creature which is very rare, beautiful and powerful? You’re about to learn all about this one-of-a-kind species in this article.


One of the most famous and well-known animals in the world is the Bengal tiger. The Bengal tiger is an extremely rare, gorgeous, and powerful creature. The Siberian tiger is the largest of all tiger species, even though the Bengal tiger is bigger. The common perception is that the Bengal tiger is the second largest huge cat that may be found anywhere in the world. At this time, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Bhutan are home to Bengal tigers. The Indian subcontinent has more Bengal tigers. Because of the steady decline in their population, Bengal tigers are also considered an endangered species.

Even though there aren’t as many conservation groups as there used to be, poaching and tree cutting are still going on. Several types of studies reveal that humans have caused significant damage to wild tiger habitats during the last 50 years.

Bengal Tiger Scientific Name:

The Royal Bengal Tiger was another name for a Bengal tiger in the last century. Because of how they group things, the word “royal” was left out. The Bengal tiger is all they are called now. This is the Panthera Tigris Tigris subspecies. 

In the 1800s, these tigers were referred to as “Royal Bengal tigers.”. However, the royal was omitted somewhere in the process of categorization. At the moment, these Bengal tigers are known as Panthera tigris Tigris subspecies.

Bengal Tiger Appearance:

This tiger is regarded as the second-largest tiger on earth, and it is a stunning animal like the Caspian tiger.

Almost all of these tigers have yellow or orange fur that is striped with brown or black.

Most of these tigers have yellow to bright orange fur that has brown to black stripes. On the other hand, the insides of their bodies are white.

 How big are Bengal Tigers?

Male Bengal tigers are 8 to 10 feet long with tails and 3.5 feet tall. Most Bengal tigers weigh between 400 and 570 pounds. Most of the time, male Bengal tigers are bigger than females, but this isn’t always the case. They stand 7 feet tall and weigh 350 pounds.

How big was the biggest Bengal tiger that was ever seen?

Uttar Pradesh hunters killed an 11-foot Bengal tiger in November 1967. Locals reported it was the biggest Bengal tiger they’d seen.


The best places for such tigers to live are subtropical forests where they can easily get to the water. When they go to tropical places like the Caribbean, they like to be between 700 and 9600 feet above sea level. There are tropical and subtropical woods where these tigers live in all four countries where they live. Bangladesh is where most of these tigers can be found.

Bengal tigers can also be seen in the peaks in montane forests and subtropical Himalayan foothills. They occupy tropical damp evergreen woodlands and tropical dry forests.


As with all other tigers, the Bengal tiger is a carnivorous species. This species is known to favor takin (wild boar), Indian muntjac (horses), crocodiles, peafowl, and nilgai as well as other small and large wild animals. However, there’s no proof that any of these tigers have an affinity for other animals like elephants or giraffes.

In rural areas, residents should be on the lookout for Bengal tiger assaults, as these cats have been known to injure or kill cattle.

Hunting techniques: 

When on the prowl, they either sneak up on or attack their victim from behind. They have the force and vigilance to readily subdue even a huge victim. They typically attack the throat of their prey after becoming attached to it.

Bengal tigers can eat up to 100 pounds of fresh meat every day, but when they go out into the wild, they don’t catch anything.

How Big are Bengal Tiger Teeth?

Their teeth are incredibly large and pointed. Their teeth measure from the gum line approximately 3.5 to 3.9 inches long. They have the largest teeth in the cat world.

Bengal Tiger Behaviour:

Like every other kind of tiger, these tigers live alone. There aren’t many times when we can see tigers in groups only because they are looking for food.

Cubs of this tiger spend roughly two to three years with their mother before aging to adulthood. 

Reproduction, Babies, and Lifespan:

Many of these tigers have their babies in December and April, but they mate all year long. Bengal females have their cubs after being pregnant for about 3.5 months. They usually have around six cubs. Most babies are born in grassy areas, caves, or dense forests.

Tiger cubs weigh between 1.7 and 3.5 pounds when they are born. They are born with their eyes and ears closed and a woolly coat that falls off between 3.5 and 5 months.

A Bengal tiger in the wild lives about 15 years on average. They get weaker as they age because it gets harder for them to catch their prey. Animals that are kept as pets can live 20 to 25 years.

How many wild Bengal tigers are there right now?

The number of wild Bengal tigers was approximately 2500 in 2011. I’m happy to hear that the population of Bengal tigers has grown in 2021.

Tigers have been bred all over the world for the past 30 years. Zoos are already producing tigers for display, however, this is not the proper method of complying with the regulations.

White Bengal Tiger:

Tigers in the wild typically live for roughly 15 years. With age, they become increasingly difficult to catch food. Although this makes them weaker. In a zoo or a private household, they can live for 20 to 25 years.

Predators and Threats:

Illegal hunting and the ruination of the Bengal tiger’s habitat are the most dangerous things that could happen to it. Actual laws about poaching, hunting, and cutting down trees have not been followed.

It’s not uncommon for tiger parts to be sold or tiger meat to be used as medicine in modern times. Actually india is one of the countries that has put legislation and conservation measures in place.

Are Bengal Tigers Dangerous?

Even though all carnivores are hazardous, and the Bengal tiger is no exception, the Bengal tiger has a relatively low mortality rate. Even those who live near a forest should keep an eye out for the Bengal tiger and protect themselves. 

Fascinating Facts About Bengal Tigers

People who live in jungle settlements near big cats often wear masks on the back of their heads to protect themselves from Bengal tigers, which usually attack from behind. If they feel like someone is staring at them, they usually move on to another person. In the late 1800s, when it was at its most dangerous, the Champawat tiger killed 436 people in Nepal and Kumaun alone. In fact Bengal tiger and other cats like it belong to the group called Chordata.


You know, One of the most well-known and beautiful animals in the world is the Bengal tiger. Although this specie of tiger is a rare, beautiful, and strong animal specie. The largest tiger is the Siberian tiger, even though Bengal tigers are bigger. Even though all carnivores are dangerous, the Bengal tiger has a low death rate compared to other carnivores. People who live near a forest should keep an eye out for the Bengal tiger and protect themselves.

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