How Strong are Orangutans? Facts And Stats

Orangutans are tree-dwelling animals and are popular for their unique red fur and strong arms that aid them in swinging from tree to tree. 

Orangutans are calm creatures that spend most of their time eating fruits rather than entering into a fight. But if they do so, how powerful are orangutans?

Orangutans are known to be very powerful apes, 5 to 7 times more than humans. They can uplift about 500 pounds. They also bite forcefully at about 575 PSI, slightly lower than a lion

Let’s know about the power of orangutans in this article.

How strong are orangutans?

Orangutans are very powerful creatures that can bite three times stronger than humans and uplift a considerable weight more than their own.

How strong are male orangutans?

Orangutans’ arms are very strong and use forelimbs to travel from tree to tree. It is a believable thing that a massive body mass needs more strength. They require more power when they grip and swing a branch. 

The bigger the size, the more powerful the orangutan is. Based on their size and species, they can carry more weight twice than their own. Their powerful arms are about 8 feet in length.

The female can lift two times heavier things than their body weight. But their size is shorter as compared to males. 

How strong are baby orangutans?

Baby orangutans are weaker than their parents. They begin to become powerful from an early age. 

Indeed, orangutans have outstanding fortitude, helping them to grasp firmly onto their mothers’ backs, sides, or abdomen, autonomously maintaining their body weight as their mothers efficiently run from one tree to another.

Notwithstanding their exceptional strength, orangutans experience the most lengthy developmental stage among all great apes, extending to ten years.

How strong are orangutans as compared to humans?

When it comes to physical strength, orangutans beat humans by around sevenfold. Their bite power alone is about four times stronger than a human’s. Therefore, in a fight, humans stand no option against an orangutan.

To further explain the strength comparison, orangutans quickly raise weights more than twice their body weight. While a select few strong men may be capable of lifting equal loads, it needs considerable effort and is typically possible only by experienced weightlifters.

The average person would work to raise more than 100 pounds above their head. This quantity is less than their body weight, considering the average person weighs about 136 pounds.

How strong is an orangutan’s grip?

An orangutan owns an impressive grip strength of about 600 pounds. Although scientific research is deficient, anecdotal reports suggest that extremely large orangutans may have even more hard-gripping abilities.

This statement is worth considering that orangutans are arboreal animals skilled in navigating tree canopies. Despite their body weight, they show remarkable skill by effortlessly suspending themselves with just one hand.

Why are orangutans so strong?

Orangutans derive their strength from their natural habitat and mode of life. These arboreal primates infrequently embark onto the floor and instead depend on hanging between trees as their primary way of transport. They are also experts at vertically climbing trees to get fruits.

These actions require a considerable amount of strength, which is mainly concentrated in an orangutan’s forelimbs.

While female orangutans are typically smaller and less powerful compared to their male partners, their strength stays proportional to their body mass. Also, female orangutans have good power to bear their weight and the importance of their offspring.

Conclusion: How strong are orangutans?

We hope that this article has provided information about orangutans’ strengths. You already know that orangutans are very strong creatures. They are also the world’s largest apes. Orangutans are more powerful than chimpanzees. Gorillas are the only apes stronger than all the ape species.