Golden Tigers| Stunning Tabby Wild Cat

Golden tigers are the rarest animals on the land. Their stunning skin separates them from other species. They originate from Bengal tigers. Their charming pattern and colouring are genetic mutations. 

They are also known as strawberry tigers and golden tabby tigers. These felines have few black strips. The face and tail are covered with light brown and chocolate strips that appear as tea stains on a tawny base. 

Golden tigers have white bellies that enclose their necks, legs and usually spread into their face compared to other tigers. 

Golden tiger, types of tiger

Physical description:

  • Genes affect the hair shaft; golden tigers have softer skin than their orange relatives. 
  • Male tigers are more prominent and reach up to the size of 110 to 120 inches. On the other hand, the females are 94 to 104 inches large. Usually, golden tigers are more significant than orange tigers. 
  • Their tail is 33 to 43 inches long. 
  • The males are 488 Ibs, and the females weigh about 308 Ibs.


Tigers are carnivores. They like to hunt ungulates like gaur, chital and sambar and, to a lesser extent, species like nilgai, barasingha, takin and serow. They typically kill hog deer, wild boar,r and grey langur among the medium categories. 

Small prey species like hares, porcupines and peafowl make a tiny part of their diet. 

Due to the entrance of humans into their territories and habitat, they also eat domestic livestock.

Golden tiger diet and prey

How many golden tigers are left?

Thirty tigers are present in captivity, and none in the wild. This mutation can happen naturally, but the problems are less. Because of this, they are known as extinct. 

Few live in India and the foothills of the Himalayas. Scientists have gathered photographic proof of a wild female golden tiger right now.

Facts about golden tigers: Golden Tigers

Golden is a beautiful creature. Their orange skin with black stripes makes these creatures more attractive. But unfortunately, these cats are known as endangered, and some species are extinct.

Here are facts about golden tigers.

Tigers are giant wild cats.

Golden tigers are the most giant cats among all other cats. Royal Bengal tigers are stronger and bigger than other wild cats, plus lions. Male tigers can reach up to 2.8 m in height and weigh about 300 kg. 

Golden tigers, tigers cubs

Tigers are solitary hunters.

Big Cats live together, but they hunt alone at night. Tigers chase their prey, and when they reach close to them, they attack them. This behaviour makes it difficult for tigers to hunt in numbers.

Tigers are excellent swimmers. Golden Tigers

Unlike domestic cats ,Tigers are very good swimmers who spend most of their time in the water. Tigers  enjoy swimming, which is a perfect way to cool off.

Tigers are fast animals.

Almost all types of tigers run fast but less than cheetahs. With their weight and size, these felines can cover a 65 km distance in one hour. They can also wander for 30 km in search of food.

Tiger cubs are born blind.

Tiger’s cubs are also attractive like their parents but are born blind. They use their other senses, like smell, to know where their siblings and mother are. Their eyes open when they are one to two weeks old. Amazingly, the male tigers eat their young ones to prepare a tigress for mating.

Tigers are carnivores

Tigers eat other animals and have a variety of things to eat. They prey on crocodiles, deer, rhinos, bears, white boar, buffalo, birds and rodents. They can also eat other cats, like leopards.

Conclusion: Golden Tigers

These tigers are an infrequent color variant of the Bengal tiger. They are generated by a recessive gene that changes the orange coloration of the tiger’s skin, showing it a golden shade. Golden tigers are not a particular tiger species but are genetically similar to orange tigers.

Golden tigers are believed to have dropped from a population of Bengal tigers living in the Russian Far East.